How I cheated to succeed

As I grew older and gained experience, a worldview formed in my head that most people who earn decent money, to one degree or another, lied people, cheated, went over their heads. I don’t mean to say that all the rich are bad. Someone really worked hard at school, university - as a result, got a decent job with a high salary. Or started an honest business, why not.

Let’s be honest: what clever tricks have you used to get closer to success? Who overestimated their metrics or even took them out of thin air to write a high-profile article on IndieHackers/Twitter/Medium/etc in order to attract at least some attention? Do you think there will be those people who honestly admit this?😉

For example, I sometimes added an extra line of achievement to my resume and it probably attracted more recruiters than it would have been without it. Or I changed the original title of the article from ‘Do The Good Guys achieve success?’ to ‘How I cheated to succeed’ since it seems more attractive, although I never succeed as much as you might think. My wife says that she graduated from the university with a linguistic specialty, although in fact, these were online courses.

So, what do you think, to what degree do you need (you can?) to lie to society, to clients, to yourself in order to succeed in the indie hacking field? How did you lie on your way to another milestone at MRR? Or were you completely honest with yourself and others and what success did you achieve?