I was born in Russia in a city called Perm. I left the city 7 years ago and never regret it. It’s difficult for me to describe who I am. I can’t be linked to only one particular activity because I like many. I’m not afraid of coding, know something about game design for f2p games, I had experience in movie shootings as an extra actor and sometimes even a main actor for commercials. I possess abilities to create graphic design, motion animation and able to create a simple 3d model. I am perfectly skilled in understanding things new to me.

I’m a tech-savvy guy with a passion for geek culture and travels. I have a strong aspiration for financial independence and a desire to reach it through my own projects. I’m a so-called digital nomad and I don’t know where and when I settle down.

Currently in Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹

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